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Business Intelligence

About business intelligence

A platform to display and compare data from any part of your business

Personalised dashboards that use telemetry analytics to provide up-to-date information on key metrics and develop your data strategy. Create new efficiencies and growth from viewing key performance data, including stadium attendances, television audiences, social media performance, app downloads, ecommerce or macroeconomic data from target markets.

Analyse your digital assets, optimise them and increase returns

Identify opportunities
Evaluate all digital assets to identify growth opportunities.
Real-time data
Create operational efficiencies by assessing real-time data through a single platform.
Visualize performance
Export clear visuals displaying campaign performance and audience interactions.
Compare results
Integrate public data sources to compare results against rival clubs or competitions.

How does Business Intelligence work?

LaLiga Tech’s Business Intelligence platform uses telemetry and single sign-on authentication to capture real-time data from across your digital products, from venues to apps, websites, third party platforms or social media.
Incorporating GDPR consents, all data can be collected and analysed collectively to create new insights.
Dashboards create simple and easily exportable graphs from your chosen business areas.
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