Real-time tracking of betting markets to fight match-fixing.

A platform that tracks real-time data from the world’s major betting markets to analyse patterns around any given event, providing alerts for any anomalies that could suggest potential match-fixing and enhance your competition’s integrity.

Technology to fight match-fixing, created for sports & entertainment

Analyse registrations
more than 800,000 registrations per day from the top 40 betting companies in the world.
Track betting markets
internally rather than outsource the service to external providers.
Content integrity programme
develop a robust programme that increases the reputation of your competition on the world stage.

How does Content Integrity work?

Through its ‘Tyche’ solution, Content Integrity uses neural networks to track bets in real time and automated triggers to identify users of any anomalies.
The product analyses the predicted betting odds according to the stage of the game and the events. Analysts investigate the alerts generated to determine if there is a logical explanation, or if a complaint should be made to the authorities.
The statistical approach is based on historical information and data analysis. There is no direct relationship with betting companies.
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