about mediacoach

Mediacoach is a system that provides advanced player stats in real time thanks to perimeter cameras that track the movements of players at speeds of up to 25 frames per second. Use this data to analyse team or individual performance and build new tactical plans for your opposition, as well as creating new data-rich content for match broadcasts that can be used pre-, post- or during the match.

For clubs/leagues
For broadcasters

Analyse your team and your opposition with advanced match stats

Real time data monitoring
Monitor match data in real time with over 300 individual metrics
Personalised data
Review data and personalised stats from matches involving any team of the competition
Performance improvment
Improve team performance and communications through a single application and shared data
Injury anticipation
Anticipate injuries by monitoring physical data during the match


In the past year Mediacoach has achieved the following results for our clients.

+3.2million positioning metrics generated per match
1.936data metrics captured per player in real time
+1.5million video clips generated per match
+1400daily reports generated to create new content for clubs and broadcasters
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