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About Apps & Web Platform

Develop custom apps, games and websites related to your competition to bring fans closer to your organisation and generate data for indirect monetisation.

Build a fan ecosystem around your digital assets

Grow your community
of digital fans with a single ecosystem of custom apps and websites.
Deliver new content
schedules or news alerts to increase engagement.
Monitor user behaviours
to improve their participation based on user journeys

Fantasy Football app: an example of success

The fantasy football app has been a strategic pillar in the growth of LaLiga’s global fanbase.

By connecting users with the whole competition and enabling gamification, fans have built their awareness of LaLiga and increased their loyalty, generating data on popular clubs or players that can be used to support other campaigns. Combining digital assets such as native apps and specialised web pages allows clients to collect relevant information from the fan to offer more tailored products and services.


Our Apps & Web Platform has achieved:

113Mdownloads of LaLiga apps and games
30Mregistered website users during the last season
+100Kdownloads of LaLiga club applications
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