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About OTT Platform

A multi-device OTT streaming platform to make your content available globally.

A greater exposure for your competition and a new window to capture the attention of fans from around the world. Build loyalty and awareness through a free-to-use platform or increase revenues through the integration of advertising, subscription or pay-per-view models.

Increase the reach of your content and unlock new revenue streams

Increase your fan base
with live and on-demand content offered D2C.
Improve the reach
of your content across multiple devices and platforms, including TV integration.
Analyse first party data
to monitor customer usage patterns and visualise key trends.
Engage users
with OTT customer journeys and personalised recommendations.
Enable new subscription
or pay-per-view models.

How a direct-to-consumer platform builds growth and engagement

These are the main points to achive your success in the industry of content:


Personalised experiences

Create personalised experiences with content recommendation algorithms.


Build fan profiles

Use best-in-class BI capabilities to analyse your user data and build personalised customer journeys.

Recent results

The OTT platform has achieved:

+1,8Mregistered users
263%increase in user engagement (minutes watched) in the last season
65different sports competitions incorporated
2,3Kevents streamed live during the 2019/20 season
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