Fan Engagement
Smart Venues

About Smart Venues

Capacity management software that integrates digital ticketing with fan experiences that increase sales. Fully integrated with systems across your stadium to create a single digital experience, delivering personalised, multi-channel offers and dynamic pricing.

Connect with your fans throughout your smart venue through a single platform

Maximize profits
with dynamic pricing models based on availability and capacity
Integrate ecommerce platforms
to manage cross-selling / up-selling
Reach fans
through multiple channels and devices
first party fan data and create segmentation by venue use.
Gamify the fan experience
the fan experience with loyalty and reward programmes
contactless entry (including biometric access)

How does Smart Venues work?

The software integrates with your stadium’s physical and digital infrastructure to create a single digital map of your venue that can be used for any occasion.
LaLiga Tech’s data-based ecosystem uses telemetry and single sign-on authentication to capture real-time data from across your smart venue and incorporates GDPR consents that allow it to be analysed in real time.
By integrating existing CRM systems into the Smart Venue platform, you can begin creating new location-based campaigns based on users, events or specific products. Access, payment and other behavioural data is available real-time to enable faster analysis and segmentation.
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