About LaLiga Tech

Who is LaLiga Tech?

LaLiga Tech is a new business unit of LaLiga with nearly a decade’s experience of designing technology solutions for the sports and entertainment sector. All products and services created during this time were created to help LaLiga’s digital transformation and have formed a major part of LaLiga’s international growth. LaLiga Tech now offers these solutions to the wider industry with modular and scalable implementation to suit businesses of any size.

Who is LaLiga Tech?


What does LaLiga Tech offer?

We offer cutting-edge technologies to the sports and entertainment sector that keep our clients one step ahead of the digital transformation in the industry.

What does LaLiga Tech offer?

Key insights

How does it work?
  • Unique ecosystem of technologies designed for sports and entertainment, with modular services for engaging fans, enhancing content and managing competitions.
  • Proven services that tackle specific needs that LaLiga had for its own competition and can now be offered to businesses around the world.
Clients of all sizes
  • LaLiga Tech solutions have been designed with modularity and scalability in mind, meaning that whether you are at the start of your digital transformation or already have a working system in place, we can customise our products around you.
  • We offer installations of single products or a whole suite of products, fully white labeled and customisable to your business.
Key product features
  • All LaLiga Tech services are offered within a single ecosystem, allowing data from any part of your organisation to be analysed collectively.
  • As they belong to the same ecosystem, LaLiga Tech solutions can be kept modular and scalable, meaning easier integration with existing systems and total flexibility when it comes to implementation.

Next generation partner


Build from scratch

As there was no technology solution that could meet its needs, we built our technology ecosystem from scratch. This makes LaLiga Tech the only technology offering designed exclusively for the sector, by the sector.



From piracy to content streaming to digital fan engagement, LaLiga Tech anticipated key changes in the industry and built the services to address them. We offer this expertise to help the further growth of the industry.


LaLiga Tech Team

To achieve the digital transformation necessary for the sector, we took on the necessary technical engineering and data talent, which now reaches more than 100 people.


Customer focus

Having built the technical and industry knowledge to lead this digital transformation, we want to share our experience with the sector to drive value and create new growth. We help customers of all sizes to grow, improve processes and achieve their specific goals.

Contact us

If you’re interested in any of our services or would like more information, send us a mail and we will respond to you directly.